The Finnish NGDO Platform to the European Union, Kehys, is an advocacy network of Finnish NGOs, that are interested in the European Union’s efforts to reduce poverty globally. Kehys works for Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development: better and more coherent policies in the fields of human development, security and development, and green and sustainable economy. Kehys also works for active citizenship and a stronger civil society. Kehys has approximately 40 member associations, Finnish NGOs working on development issues.

Kehys’ vision is a world where poverty and inequality have been reduced, human rights are respected, and all have equal opportunities to participate.

Kehys’ mission is to participate in reducing poverty and inequality by influencing above all the European Union’s decision-making structures in cooperation with the networks.

Advocacy on EU development policy

Kehys actively engages in the debate on EU development policy and supports Finnish NGOs in understanding and influencing EU policies by distributing information and facilitating policy activities. Kehys focuses especially on policy coherence for sustainable development.

Global citizenship education

Kehys promotes global citizenship education in Finland and acts as a link to European global citizenship education forums. Kehys acted as the leading organisation for the European development education programme DEEEP 2013-2015. Kehys coordinates the Bridge 47 Network and Bridge 47 – Building Global Citizenship -project, that aims to build bridges between all types of ‘value-based educations’ and educational actors.


Kehys supports its members in networking with other NGOs in Europe and in developing countries. Kehys encourages NGOs to take up development policy issues, to find new partners and to collaborate with different stakeholders.

European cooperation

Kehys is the Finnish national platform within the European NGO confederation for relief and development CONCORD. CONCORD has 28 national associations, 20 international networks and 2 associate members that represent over 2,600 NGOs, supported by millions of citizens across Europe. Through Kehys the Finnish NGOs are represented in the CONCORD hubs and can actively influence the European development cooperation debate.

Advice and training on EU funding

Kehys provides Finnish NGOs with information on EU funding opportunities for development cooperation and development education projects. Kehys also offers various forms of training and advice.

Kehys is ideologically, politically and religiously independent, and its activity is supported by the Foreign Ministry’s development cooperation funds.


Currently Kehys acts as lead for the project Non-State Actors: Partnership and skills for sustainable development, which brings together NGOs from Finland, Russia and Sweden to exchange experiences, to learn from each other and to increase the networks of NGOs within and between these countries. The project started in February 2017 and will continue until January 2018.

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EU-yhdistys Kehys ry

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Our office is located  in the Globaalikeskus at the seventh floor of Siltasaarenkatu 4. There is a buzzer which says Globaalikeskus at the door.