Kehys and Kepa will form a new umbrella organisation

Finland will get a new umbrella organisation to advocate for globally just sustainable development. The Finnish NGO Platform Kepa and the Finnish NGDO Platform to the EU, Kehys, will form a new organisation that will start its work in June 2018.

A new umbrella organisation is needed to allow Finnish non-governmental organisations working with international development to better respond to recent changes in the global operating environment. With these changes, the existing division of work into national, EU- and global level issues has become increasingly challenging.

The new organisation will strengthen civil society, increase the ownership of its members and do effective advocacy work. The members of Kepa and Kehys decided to form a new umbrella organisation in their historical General Assemblies on Monday November 27th.

The new organisation will start its work after an additional General Assembly in June 2018. In practice the new organisation will be formed upon the existing legal entity of Kepa, but Kepa will change its name and statutes. Kehys’ activities, assets and personnel will be transferred to the new organisation.